Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I’m a pure vegetarian. People and my non-vegetarian friends ask me, why I don’t eat flesh and they told me it’s very tasty you should taste it. But those who don’t eat they cannot eat. Everyone has his /her reason to remain vegetarian. Some don’t eat for health reason, some don’t eat for religious reasons and some says they hate vegetables more than animals. Hahaaha. Just joking.
I’ve my reasons. I don’t believe in killing anyone for the sake of taste. I believe that all the creatures are same. They are equally beloved by god as are men. I feel that what you do and what you will feel if the same happens to you.
I feel the pain of that animal which gets killed by or for those who eat it. Actually I saw once that a butcher entered his hand in the rack where live chickens were kept. All of them started to escape in that small place. And finally he got one and after that I couldn’t see but I was feeling in my heart. They get slit on their neck and then they squirm in pain for moments and then ripping of the skin all these steps.
I really feel it in my mind. It is so heart numbing. I can’t even think about eating flesh. I don’t say that those who eat they are bad and they shouldn’t. But it is what I feel and why I am vegetarian. But being vegetarian is also helpful in keeping your your mind less aggressive. You can check this link to know more about benefits of being vegetarian. Link is . Thanks for coming and reading my blog. 
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  1. People often say to me that it's impossible for a human organism to function without animal proteins and i usually reply with such a rude joke: if it's a human organism why then do you eat ANIMAL proteins? It's more better to eat HUMAN ones!!!
    By the way in some asian country in clandestine restaurants people eat aborted kids...


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