Monday, 3 April 2017

Neighbour and Relative issue.

Question: What's the way to neutralise the annoying and negative neighbours and relatives? Nothing can make them happy and always criticise every action whether it concerns them or not.

Answer: Negativity affects you only if you are at same frequency. Said by some wise man. So first thing is to change your frequency.

Second thing is that have mercy on these low life. Let them live. The only person criticise others when he has nothing good to do in his life. So they find meaning for living by criticising you. They are totally asleep, unaware of the repercussion of this.

Just practice to ignore them. My way to tackle them is that I don't hear them and I don't listen them. Just forgive them. And forgiving them not for them but for your own benefit.

If you have grudges in your mind it will eat your mind and time. So just have mercy and let them live. Make way for your peaceful life. Don't let anybody drag you back its in your own hand.

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