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Meditation! Anytime Anywhere.

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A few days back I was talking to my friend. He told me about his stress. So I suggested him that you should Meditate just for 30 minutes during the day and quality of your life will improve and you may also get rid of your stress. Then he told me about his busy life and the lack of chances to have a peaceful or serene place where he can meditate. This is what most of the people think and abstain themselves from the best cure for all the physical or mental ailments.

Even the dictionary got this wrong. In Dictionary Meditation means The practice of deeply thinking in silence, especially for religious reason or in order to make your mind calm." While there are no such requirements for Meditation. In the Meditative state, you neither think nor have any religious reason. For these things, you need your mind, while meditation is a no-mind state. 

Meditation is a state, just like happiness and sadness. If you can be happy or sad in a crowded or chaotic place then you can be meditative also. The only difference is that when you are happy or sad you are attached to your mind and thoughts, and in Meditation, you are just aware of everything. Yes, a serene or peaceful place will be an advantage, but it is not a prerequisite for sure.

So, the question is that how to do the meditation?

I know and used three very popular and easy techniques. 1. Vipassana, 2. Walking with awareness and 3. Sitting with awareness.

1. Vipassana - Vipasyana is simplest and effective technique. You just required to sit in a comfortable position, and then watch your breath with awareness. you can do this anytime and anywhere. Now let me explain how to do it. I don't need to tell you about sitting in a comfortable position. So the catch is is that how to watch the breath. Well, you don't need to count or think that you are breathing in and you are breathing out. you just need to be with the process. just like you don't count the gear number or think that now you need to pull the breaks while you ride the motorbike. you become the process and you don't even think. When you do Vipassana you just watch your breathing process or in other words be with the breathing process. And the good thing is that you get better with practice each day.
Let us imagine again, that no one can live without breathing. So, if breathing becomes the Meditation one can Meditate all the time. In the beginning, you may not see any benefit. but remember you are in the learning process. Once you are good at Vipassana you will see a great turn around in your life. 
SO, How would I know that I am good at Vipassana?
So, the answer is that when you find yourself aware of your breathing while doing your work or you are not doing anything you are really good at Vipasyana.

2.Walking with AWARENESS - It is one of the several other ways to do dynamic meditation. As the title suggest all you need to do is to be aware when you are walking. Just be in that very moment, and walk. You are not required to speak like army men, one two one two one two. Nor you should do this in your mind. Just be with the movements of your body. Like I explained above in the case of vipassana.

3. Sitting with awareness - This Meditation technique requires to sit camly and empty your mind of thoughts. So the question is that how can I empty my mind of thoughts?
Again the answer is AWARENESS. When you become aware of your thoughts they disappear. But in the beginning you may find it very difficult. Because your mind needs thought. It is thought hungry, and negative thoughts are its the best food. So, you just need to watch your thought with awareness and gradually, with practice you will reach in no mind state.

These are three techniques which I have tried successfully. No, I am not some monk. But I do them regularly in small amount, and these are really effective. I can say that on the basis of my experience.

Now am closing this post with best wishes for you. Happy meditating.
Please read and share with your friend. Your comments will encourage me to do better.

PS: In every meditation technique awareness is the key. Whatever you do with awareness that becomes your meditation. So be aware and be meditative. 


  1. Very interesting post. It introduces mediation to all especially to "Busy for nothing" folks. Now they can't procrastinate!!������

  2. Simple and easy technique. By practice one can be in meditation every moment


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