Saturday, 1 July 2017

Link Your PAN and Adhaar!

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Hey friends
Today I am posting something different from which I generally post and this is in INDIAN context. Well, it is about government instruction which is about linking our PAN and Adhaar number together. It is important to stop or reduce the tax evasion.
From 1st July it is mandatory to do so. You can link your PAN and Adhaar by visiting the following link. Click here

Or click/tap here for direct link.

After you click/tap on the above link, you will find a link on left menu as "Link Adhaar". You will also find the link as floating banner on the head of the page.

Non-compliance will lead to cancellation of your PAN number. Which will result in the cessation of you Bank account, and you will also not be able to make transactions where quotation of PAN is necessary.

So please don't delay. Link your PAN and Adhaar soon. And please share with your friends. 

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