Sunday, 19 February 2012

Are you in the pursuit of permanent??????

“Pleasure”. Everybody is running behind pleasure. There are so many means to get the pleasure viz. alcohol, drugs etc. . . . But they don’t last long, because these means or ways are temporary. These means are not permanent. Then they repeat them to turn the temporary into permanent, to elude you and finally it ends with misery. You return empty hand. You can prolong the temporary but you cannot make them permanent.

I am also in the search of pleasure, but I don’t want to resort to temporary means. It is ironical to say but I had a very temporary glimpse of permanent. And what my experience says is that the source of permanent pleasure lies within. All you need to introspect; you need to dig “in”, in the very deep of your own inside. Once you get the source you are never empty. You are always full, full of joy, full of happiness. That will be ultimate. This ultimate pleasure is called BLISS.  

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