Friday, 30 November 2012

You are a Drop!!!

How can one prevent a drop of water from ever drying up?
Answer : By throwing it into the ocean.

This is a dialogue from a movie Samsara. It is the most meaningful dialogue I have ever heard. you are the tiniest part of mighty God. you came on this and the whole purpose of your life is to get back to its source, in the same way as the drop of water separates from ocean. Then it follow the whole cycle and returns to its source after a long journey in the form of river.

If a drop don't follow a path towards the ocean and instead of going into the river it falls elsewhere on earth, it dries that very moment. Likewise there is no other way to feel alive if you are not on the path towards God.

So if you are looking for happiness then be with God. For me The whole existence is my god. Where ever there is life like Human, trees, animal everything have his essence. Till now, The whole existence cumulatively is god for me. Because we are Atma (soul), and when we accumulate all the Atmaas (souls) it will become Parmatma (God). For you God may be something else but the thing i said above will remain the same.

So are you on the path towards "GOD"???

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