Tuesday, 13 January 2015

You Tube App introduced Offline viewing in India (Step by step guide)

Well friends today I find out that you tube's offline viewing is available in India now. May little late, but I found out. So I decided to make you used to with it. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that you are not able to figure it out but may be you are busy doing some other things so my post will be a handy guide for you.. So I am directly coming to the point.

Whats new about this function is, that you can watch any video of your choice even without Internet. Provided that video is available for offline viewing. Here this proviso means that all videos are not available for offline viewing. This offline viewing will also take space of your mobile memory. After saving this for offline Viewing you you can watch this video in the same app at any time.

So for using this function you will have to start app normally.. and when you will tap on the app icon this window will open...
The you tap on the video of your choice. I tap on the link for demo and the following video opened. there in the red circled are you will see a button to save video for offline viewing.


unfortunately this song was not available for offline viewing. So if any video is not available for offline viewing, following dialogue box will open.

In this type of situation you will have to wait till the owner make the video available for offline viewing.
well after that I chose another video, which was available for offline viewing. so after opening that video in the app I tap on the option, (As shown in fig-2) and the image (Fig-4) opened.


Then you can tick the box it you want App to remember your setting. else you tap ok and your downloading will start. and you can see the following changes in the screen. I circled them in red.

You can see the progress in your notification bar.. (Fig-6)


when your downloading will complete, you will see following notification in your notification area.


to retrieve and play your saved file in app without internet. you need to open the app and slid your finger or thumb from left end toward right side and you will see option list and show in figure-8


you are seeing red circled area. there you are seeing option offline. so when you will tap on that option you will be guided to the window where you will see all the saved video. see next figure..

there you see the saved video. you can watch this video offline without the internet in the same fashion as you see any other video in the app with internet connection. you can also remove the video, when you don't want it on your device, by tapping three dots at right side of the video and selecting the desired option. and also when you will get the video saved on your device, the button I circled in Fig-2 will turn blue.. 
so guys.. this is all I want to tell you about the function.. go check out the app and enjoy.. now days you guys get plenty of storage space to enjoy this function..

Good luck.. keep youtubing.. 

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