Sunday, 18 December 2011

Movie Review- Mission Impossible, Ghost Protocol

Well movie was fine. I liked it but there was nothing so new as asserted by people and media. One scene was really nice and i didn't see it earlier. actually the projection of the wall and a idol on a curtain while Tom cruise and his partner remain between the wall and the curtain. this scene was really interesting.
Except this scene I didn't found any thing new in it. Those who see Hollywood movies a lot will be agree with me. Gadgets and action scenes are all we have seen before. Direction was good. Theme music was same as before. All team members are new except Tom.
Tom cruise is still young like he was in MI-1 & MI-2. Anil Kapoor's role is so small. I even forgot his name in the movie. I was expecting that it will be little long. Whatever now world audience will see him it is good for him.
Movie was good overall. ***1/2 stars 

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