Thursday, 19 January 2012


What is right and what is wrong? Everyone has his/her definition. Like what is written as good in holy books is good and what is written as bad is bad. Like what is human is good and vice-versa. But in the current scenario the most appropriate definition will be that if the number of people considering something good is higher than the number of people who is considering something bad then that is good and vice-versa. It depends upon country, place and society. Sounds like the democracy.
But What I have realised is that nobody bother about what is good or what is bad when they do anything. They just do things and after that they find reasons to justify themselves. If their acts are acceptable by majority then they are considered as good or vice-versa. If their acts are not justifiable then they do everything for justifying themselves. They will explain holy book in their own peculiar way or, if they cannot do so then, they can change their religion, region, and society. They can leave their family and friends. They do everything what they have to do for justifying themselves.
I myself don’t think that there is anything wrong in it. Because who I am to judge others. If I’m considering anyone as wrong then he might be thinking same about me. Because if I think that something is wrong by my point of view then perhaps the same thing may be good for the others.
But at the same time if you are doing something which your consciousness is not allowing and still knowingly you are continuing to do the same then that is wrong. You might prefer to do that for momentary pleasure or for short term gain. In future those will definitely going to harm you. And this will really be considered as bad or wrong.
So in short “NEVER GO AGAINST YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS OR AGAINST THE VOICE OF YOUR SOUL. That will really be wrong or bad, and on the contrary to work according to the consciousness and the voice of your soul is really good.

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  1. In holy books it's written: before taking any decision in your life think of God first of all. Following this rule we would hardly do anything wrong in our lifes... the thing is that we often forget to think of God's will influenced by our false ego..


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