Sunday, 19 February 2012

Are you in the pursuit of permanent??????

“Pleasure”. Everybody is running behind pleasure. There are so many means to get the pleasure viz. alcohol, drugs etc. . . . But they don’t last long, because these means or ways are temporary. These means are not permanent. Then they repeat them to turn the temporary into permanent, to elude you and finally it ends with misery. You return empty hand. You can prolong the temporary but you cannot make them permanent.

I am also in the search of pleasure, but I don’t want to resort to temporary means. It is ironical to say but I had a very temporary glimpse of permanent. And what my experience says is that the source of permanent pleasure lies within. All you need to introspect; you need to dig “in”, in the very deep of your own inside. Once you get the source you are never empty. You are always full, full of joy, full of happiness. That will be ultimate. This ultimate pleasure is called BLISS.  

Monday, 6 February 2012


What is philosophy?

Different persons have different answers for this question and they practice it, follow it for different reasons. For some philosophy is the way towards the God, for some it consist of thoughts to realise the human inside and to be careful towards the same. For some philosophy is the way to fool others and make money earn name and fame. I also have my definition of philosophy.
For me philosophy is the like “spectacles” which corrects the vision which has been blurred because the man has forgot his soul and his ultimate reason of being in this fragile material world.
We are here at the will of the Supreme and one fine day we are destined to unite with the same. But our materialistic approach has made us to forget about our ultimate purpose of being here and has made our vision SPIRITUALLY BLURRED. We cannot see the truth because of this. We are continuously making our life more complex and full of misery. And here comes the philosophy. Philosophy teaches us that what we are. Sorry… teach will not be the correct word here actually philosophy REMINDS us that what we are and why we are here? It corrects our vision or the short shortsightedness. It makes us able to see the truth and to walk on the path towards the supreme. Until we understand the real meaning of our life we are just animal. Philosophy makes us human, it distinguish us from animals.......

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