Thursday, 31 May 2012


Love is very positive and strong emotion, but it remains as long as there is freedom and acceptance for each other. I read somewhere that LOVE IS LIKE WATER ON YOUR PALM. It will stay there as long as your palm is open. The moment you try to grab the water it will slip from there and you will remain empty handed. So you can say that love is just the extension of these two. When there is freedom for each other and the acceptance for each other penetrates deep into the heart the love evolves. And long as these things remain the love remains and also grows to the infinity. The more you give freedom closer you will be and stronger will be the bond. It gives you energy, satisfaction and happiness. And when your love becomes divine you find yourself in the bliss.
And on the contrary hate and anger are lack of acceptance and freedom. Lower will be the level of acceptance higher will be the level of hate and anger. So things are so relative. But the line is very thin so we forget the individuality of each other so easily and finally that love disappears. We left with empty hand.
Therefore we should respect the freedom of others. We should expand our hearts so that we can grow the level of acceptance. After that the world will be better place to live…..
And also keep smile…

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