Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Earlier I read it in books and listened from people, but what I learned from my past experience of last some year that we should not be judgemental about people in our life. Because when we judge them and make an opinion about we make a mistake. Later they surprise us by strange change in their behaviour. Hence, if you are judgemental about peoples then one thing I can predict about with surety that people around you surprises you very often. Sometime these surprise make you happy but most of the times they make you sad.
So it is better to accept that change is the rule of existence and only constant thing, and humans are not exception for it. Also, nobody have signed a contract to not to change. Sometime people change because of changing nature of circumstances around them. While some change because they keep their face behind a mascot until they get some position or until they realize that now you are of no use for them, and the later reason of change disappoint us. This disappointment happens specially when see this change from our loving ones.
So if we can make ourselves ready for such type of situations by not being judgemental or by not expecting anything from others, we can save ourselves for unnecessary disappointments. It will also give us an advantage over the situation and some sense of wisdom.
So what are you going to do? You will take notice of my words or wait till self-enlightenment?????? Choice is yours.

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