Sunday, 29 September 2013

Lost in Nowhere....!!!

Sometime we need to lost in nowhere to find our own self. same is with me. I am feeling that I am lost but I don't know whether I'll find myself or not..
Some time you have to reflect total opposite of your inside to keep your introspection and inner process unaffected from outside intrusion. You feel sad but you wear smile on your lips. You feel unconcerned with the world but you show that you are.
Its good even important. I think it is the one of many ways to keep going and find solution in difficult times.
The time I'm writing this thing the title is tickling in background that how it is to be lost in nowhere. How I'm feeling. Whether I'm feeling good or bad. Honestly I'm not feeling anything like good or bad. Perhaps it is just like lost in nowhere. Hahahahah 
Have you ever lost in nowhere??? How did you feel?? Was it fruitful to you??

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