Thursday, 20 November 2014

Don't be easy to please.. Choose wisely.

Few days back i was passing by a trash cart, someone has thrown bouquet of half dead flowers in it. From the distance I was not able to comprehend that whether they are alive or half dead flowers. but that bouquet led me to doubt whether that is a flower cart or a garbage cart. I kept looking and when i reached a little closer I realized that actually its a trash cart full of trash and rotten leftovers.

It happens with most of us more often. People, who are full of lies, with no positive content and anything which is good for a person and for a society, wears a fake personality and lead us to believe in him and considering him great. They take advantage of our innocence. They do few good things and hide all their negativity behind them. We don't bother to look deep into them and assume that they are hero. we let them influence our consciousness. but if we keep looking into them they will reveal their truth.. because it is a very famous say that ... Nature and signature don't change easily. 

So if we keep looking into them they will reveal their character. Personality can open the gate, but its character which keeps them open.

So either don't make anybody a Hero. but if you are making any then don't make in hurry. Don't be easy to please, make a good choice. Society need heroes but not wolves in the deer skin..

Good Luck   

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