Sunday, 24 January 2016

X-Ray of Bollywood. Bollywood is hypocrite and pack of lies..

Now days we are seeing that Bollywood as a whole and individual Bollywood celebrities questioning our integrity, religious intolerance and us denying women from their rights. But in reality this Bollywood is big hypocrite and all lies. Neither it is nationalist nor it respect women and it is communal and racist too. Well these facts are well known, still I can give you facts which can prove all the allegations..
So let's start..
Misogyny in Bollywood- Well everyone knows what does women meant in Bollywood and to the aakas of Bollywood. Just because there are big and rich celebrities everything goes under the carpet. But if you lift the carpet you will see that all the dirty dust is floating all around. Let me tell you few incidents which surfaced few days back and suppressed later..
Zia khan's death. After her death her mother claimed very aggressively that her daughter did not commit suicide she was murdered. There were several reasons too to believe her allegations. But she went silent.
Salmaan Khan slapping Katrina and Aishwarya, King Khan Shahrukh khan insulting Farah khan are few other examples of modesty of our God of Bollywood.
Kangna Ranaut herself claimed that she was abused and harassed during the beginning of her career..
Casting couch and objectification of woman are also well known facts to clarify that how much women are loved and respected in Bollywood.
Anti nationalist. In the name of freedom of expression and under several other pretext Bollywood is making anti nationalist movies. Haidar and PK are the recent examples. Where in Haidar they are trying to show falsely the brutalities of Indian Army. And for one moment if we accept it, as a truth, then I would say that showing the half truth is bigger lie that the complete lie.
While in PK they are trying to show that Pakistan is way modest and respectful towards women while in India the story is totally opposite.
And other than movies its a well known fact that Bollywood accept money from underworld. I see it as anti nationalist.
Bollywood is spreading communal divide and hatred. In several movies Bollywood intentionally shows that Muslims are treated differently. While in reality, either you will see nothing like this or if you see then that won't be a one side phenomena. They are forcibly putting it in your mind so that it sit you mind deep that such things exists. And despite what they say we all know how much our media and politicians care about our fellow Muslims then others.
Total disregard of social responsibility. Just give them money and they will do any thing. On one hand they try to show that how much they care about society and the public, on the other hand Just give them money and they will be ready to promote liquor brands. Personalities like Actor Director Producer shri Shah Rukh Khan, Ajay Devgan, Arwaz Khan are selling khaini and gutka these days. How thoughtful.
Racism. You will say where is racism. Well in award functions you can see racism. But that is on other basis. Bit you will see that Bollywood celebrities are promoting fairness creams like being of dark complexion is crime.
And yes, you can also protect them by saying that they make big donations and do lots of charity. Then I will say that they are doing nothing. They are looting huge amounts from you in the name of giving you entertainment, later they donate a very small part from this big loot. For example when a fruit seller gives you rotten fruits you become angry and level him as a thug, but when this Bollywood gives you shit or rotten entertainment in the name of movie, but you make God out of those who give you such shit.
Well there will be several other dirty secrets. But as I am no Bollywood insider hence I can told you only those which surfaced in media..
My whole purpose of writing this post is to request you to not to make God out of those bastards. You yourselves are way better then them morally, as a nationalist and in giving respect to women. The privilege they enjoy is because we gave them such God like status. Just keep your spirit up and help the nation to be strong and unite. Don't care about what they say and do.. They are just mindless, money centered bunch of selfish people...
Jai Hind. Happy independence day.

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