Saturday, 22 April 2017

Reading and Learning

FACT: Reading and learning new things make us smart and keeps us young.

I have read in several books and articles that reading and learning new things keeps our mind young and makes us smart. So, if you are not a voracious reader then you must promise yourself that you will inculcate this habit. Get rid of excuse that I don't have time. Everyone has time for good things and but be waste that time on unproductive activities.

If you read about the most successful people you will know that they all are great readers. They invest plenty of time on reading and learning new things on daily basis. In olden time only a few those who were in the profession of studying/learning and teaching have means for studying great books and subjects and they were considered smart.They were respected in the society. While in current scenario we all have information and knowledge floating all around us. We also have means to get and capture that knowledge and our comfort.

It is a proven fact that you will be smarter "if you read something" than "you read and learn nothing". But if your source of knowledge is good and authentic then you will be smarter. In today's world when everyone has availability of books on every topic and electronic media to reach the source anywhere and anytime, there the quality and how much time you spent on productive things will decide your mental wellbeing. Who will study more and learn more will we smarter and successful.

But some wise man has said that "It is not about what you know, but it is about what you do consistently". Means, we need to apply our knowledge in order to be successful. If we read we will be smart but without the application of our smartness we can not accomplish. 

Without knowledge, the action may result in the waste of time and efforts and Without action, knowledge will fetch nothing. So, I wish you all a happy learning. Be smart and be successful.
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  1. Awesome and helpful lines of wisdom...😊😊

  2. Thanks a lot for your support..

  3. I will make some changes in this post where I will add favourite books of famous and successful people.. Hope you will like that..


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