Friday, 12 May 2017

How many e-mail accounts we should keep?

This post is important for those who use just one e-mail account for all purposes. Yes, they are justified, because we get so many emails everyday that it is very difficult to maintain more than one  e-mail account. SPAM is another issue.
Still I will ask you to keep at least 3 e-mail accounts. You will ask me, why? And your question is valid. So here is the answer.

1. These days most of the people use Android base smart phones. To login you need to have a gmail account. So have this e-mail account for your android sign up and you can also use this e-mail id for general communication.

2. The second e-mail account for banking and other financial services, e.g. demat account. YOU WILL ASK, WHY A SEPARATE ACCOUNT FOR BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES?
I am asking you to maintain a separate account because if anybody knows your e-mail then it become easier to reset a new password of your account with other information which otherwise is difficult if he doesn't know your email address. So not only keep a separate e-mail but also keep it secret. If you do this your banking access will always be more secure.

3. The third e-mail is for social networking. And the reason is same. There are many people who want to access your social networking account. Even your naughty friend will gain access if he gets your password. And this secret e-mail will certainly add another level of security.
So keep these two e-mail accounts separate and secret. Add more security to your information.

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