Wednesday, 17 May 2017

"Procrastination", Most expensive luxury.

There are many rich people in the world, and few among them are the richest. They have every luxury of the world except one. And that luxury is "PROCRASTINATION". Yes, procrastination is luxury and the richest don't have it. Because, had they been so lazy to enjoy procrastination they have not attained the title of the richest.
The good thing about the procrastination is that the poorest can enjoy it. And the worst thing is that IF YOU ARE ENJOYING THIS THEN SOON YOU BECOME POOR OR IT CAN MAKE YOU WORTHLESS. Chances are that you are already living a life which you don't like. But you are clinging to it because some how you are enjoying this.
So the point is that how can we get rid of this. It is difficult to throw any kind of luxury, but if it taxing your life and future and your ability to do better in life then it is the wisest thing to do. So, to get rid of this luxury we simply need to consider few things.
1. ACKNOWLEDGE. Most of the people don't want to accept it. But to solve any problem you first need to recognize the problem. Then only you can work upon that.
2. Don't procrastinate when you want to get rid of it. Yes, the most important thing is that if you want to get rid of procrastination then don't procrastinate to take the steps.
3. Strengthen your will. We procrastinate because we lack will to execute our plans. We lack will to act. Our will depreciate over the time when we keep indulging in habits which are not good for us. So generally we can't have unshakeable will out of sudden to jump start. Start with small things, be regular with them and then increase the intensity slowly. And when you are on track take big steps.
4. Don't reiterate old habits. When you are completely on track then don't fall for your old habits again. You can't not spoil all your efforts.
5. Awareness is the key. This is very important. Always be vigilante about your actions. Be conscious. If you are aware you can't have bad habits. We fall for bad habits when we fall for momentary pleasure. And then we keep reiterating those things being unaware.
6. Be spiritual love life around you. This is the last thing but most important. To keep a healthy and happy mind we must we sensitive towards the life around us. Whether its a dog, cat or it is just a flower. Just love the life in them. Connect with them. Soon you will realize change.
So friend this procrastination seems very intoxicating but actually it's just a mirage. It is luxury of worthless people. As long as we are clinging to it, we can not live a life which we can live otherwise.
This luxury is most expensive because for other luxuries we lost money but for this we lost life.
Wake up. Have a wonderful life. And please comment, share and follow my blog. You will make somebody happy with you support.
Thanks a lot.

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