Thursday, 25 May 2017


"Priority" a thing that is regarded as more important than others.

We all know the dictionary meaning of this word. But to stand with the successful people we are required to set our priorities very seriously. We all know and have set our priorities already. Still we don't smell the success. Why? Because we are not honest with our self and our set goals.

When we have a priority then no other thing should come in our way. We can never compromise on our priorities. We must give the required efforts in a thing or work which is more important than others, only after that we can move on other things. This must be the rule.

When we break this rule we are minimising our chances, and slowing down our speed to get what we need. When we do this more often it becomes a habit. More bad habits we develop more we prepare ourselves to get in conditions we don't want.

When we work hard on our priorities. We deserve success. When be start avoiding priorities for momentary pleasure or be lost battle against procrastination be loose that deserving title, we become needy from deserving, and when we keep repeating this we become a failure.

So, today is the day to wake up. Set your priorities and respect them, love them and be a unstoppable force.

Wish you a wonderful day. Help me with your share and comments. It will inspire me to do better and express my thoughts in more precise and eloquent way. Thanks a lot.

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