Sunday, 21 May 2017

Time, Is it the most valuable thing?

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Often you have listened people saying that time is most precious thing. Time is most valuable thing. But it always confuses me. Because if it was true then everyone would save time and no body will waste it. While we have seen that most of the people will spent hours to save some money, or on things which will yield nothing.
Yes, its true that most successful people always respect time. They never waste their time on useless activities, they only invest their time in useful activities. But we see that nobody is as conscious about it as they would be about money. (It doesn't make money the most precious thing. That is totally a different topic.)
So, I realised that actually time is not a subject. It is not a commodity to be valued as valuable or non valuable. It is actually a FACTOR which makes things valuable or non valuable. For example if at some point of time you are extremely thirsty and you see no sign of water around you. Then somebody appears with a glass of water and he demands $100 for that glass of water. You are feeling that without that water you will die then at that time you will pay $100. And at another point of time if you are perfectly hydrated and you also have a spare bottle of water with you. If at that time somebody offers that glass of water even for free you won't accept that. So when the time factor was not in your favour that glass of water was pretty valuable and another point  of time when the time factor was in your favour that glass of water had no value at that time.
So, Rich people respect time, that is why the time factor is always on their side. And when we don't respect time factor, we have to play a handicapped match.
Hence, even if the time is not a commodity to buy, sale or save. It is a important factor to gain an advantage in any situation. That is why we should always respect the time factor. We should always make provisions for time factor so that we always has advantage of time.
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