Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Knowledge v/s Understanding

As my blog says "Reminding you something important". Hence I am not saying anything new. Everybody knows it. So my point is that if you are suffering because of a bad relationship why don't you apply your knowledge. Or should I say that why can't you apply your knowledge?
The reason is that it is your knowledge. You can not use it or apply it unless you understand it. You can only use what you understand. So you know something is one thing and you understand something is another. 
Everybody knows the formulas to a successful life but only a few lead a successful life. why??? Because they have understood what they know. hence if you are killing your life or relationship, knowing the very reason responsible for it.. just understand what you know and apply for you wonderful future.
Don't procrastinate. Please don't forget to share, and your comments and questions are welcomed.

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