Saturday, 23 February 2013

Gift from God!!!

God is showering his love and care, but need to be open and receptive
When we succeed, we feel happy and thank God. When we fail, we feel sad and question the supreme. Sometimes we say that the almighty is testing us or sometimes we feel that he don't want us to be happy. But remember happiness and sorrow are not made in his factory. These are just two emotions. Emotions have been developed by humans over the period.

Actually what God gives us is not happiness or sorrow, these are power to execute our plans and consciousness to choose them to do honestly. When we are honest with our duties and ourselves we tend to attract positive energy and positive results. Positive energy and positive results bring us happiness. When we become the victim of our own distraction we are left with nothing but to condemn and question the supreme. But instead of condemning supreme that would we the time to introspect, time to find where did we not utilize the GIFT FROM GOD in the way we were supposed to use.

So misery is not the thing which God gives us, for that we ourselves are responsible. But for success and happiness, we need to be grateful for the Supreme Energy and for the whole existence for sure.

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