Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Success is not about having loads of money, great career. Success is not about pleasing others or gaining praise from others. Success is also not having unlimited power.

Success is understanding that what you want and achieving that. It doesn't matter whether your achievements are big or small. Whether others are praising or not. If those achievements can bring satisfaction to you then you are successful. you don't need anybody's certification.

All you need to listen to your conscience consciously. Because you must have seen people with big achievements with a sad face. You must have also seen a poor laborer with a smiling face after getting a reward at the end of the day.

Don't run behind the goal set by others for you. You can not fulfill their expectation, you just need to pursue what is going to make you happy. Others can feel happy by earning a huge package while their parents are struggling at home with their old age, but there are chances that you can be happy only if you are serving your parents in the time when they need you. 

I am not saying that others are wrong. Big money and living in a big city is their goal. They are doing what they want. But you don't need to go to what the world think is right. Go with your reason. 

So, Just in case, after all the endeavor, you are not feeling life in you. Just sit for a while and INTROSPECT. Then, march towards your very personal journey. you will smile for sure.

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