Monday, 15 May 2017

Escape velocity, Gravity and Motivation..

If you are working hard for your success, or to stand out of the crowd. But you are disappointed by the backchat and stupid behaviour of people around you. Then you should take your inspiration from the ROCKET. Yes the rocket. Why?
Because, to reach its destination and to stand out of other vehicle it requires escape velocity. To get that it constantly push itself up. It don't fall for the gravity. And finally it reaches its destination. Not every vehicle reaches in the space.
So, if you want to stand out, if you want to change the way people look at you. You can not fall for gravity. All these back chats, all cursing and efforts to hurt you, by the people around you, work as gravity for you. But you need to constantly push yourself up.
Sometime your own attitude works as gravity. You limit your thinking. You doubt yourself. This is because you have been listening to these people, who drag you down, for a very long period. You know somewhere in your heart that you are here to do something bigger. But you say yourself that you are not ready yet. First I will prepare myself then I will start my journey.
But believe me my friend. You will never be ready. But you are always ready to take one step further from where you are right now. And this one step every day will take you close to your destination, to your destiny.
So, boot up and suit up. Step ahead. And share my post and comment what you think. Give me your support. Wish you all the very best.

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