Friday, 19 May 2017

Past vs Present.

Today you are not happy, because yesterday I was not with you. While we can laugh and enjoy the moment, we are arguing on why I was not there at some time in the past.
It is like you are not enjoying a great meal now because you were hungry some day.
In the same way when you have issues today and you need to resolve them now you are basking in glory of your glorious past. If you are focusing on this moment you can resolve your issues. And your happiness is nowhere to go.
Life don't progress in this way, In this way you only create misery when you can laugh dance and be intoxicated in the elixir of bliss.
So, let the past go. But always keep the lesson.
Some wise man rightly said-
Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is mystery 
Today is a gift
That's why
We call is present.

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