Monday, 26 June 2017

Don't Downplay the Outdone!

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There are always two reactions for something greatly or amazingly done. First, we praise the doer and admire what has been achieved. This inspires us to do more and better. It also means that somewhere in our mind we are believing that it is possible for us or we can do that.
Second, we will consider that as not true, fake or some software trick. Sometimes we give credit to the luck of the doer or sometime we call it as fluke.
We need to be cautious about our second thought. Whenever we minimise and believe that something greatly done is fake or some trick, we fall for the trick of our mind. We can relax and inspire ourselves to stay in our comfort zone.
It also means that we have conceded our defeat subconsciously. We have decided in our mind that we can not do that or it is beyond our capabilities.
Therefore, abstain ourselves from thinking in negative way, unless there are most obvious reason to believe that.
Even if we believe something fake as true we would be giving our mind a challenge to do more or better. So, it is always good to be positive. We should not be economical in praising or admiring other people's achievements. After all, we all want the same for ourselves.
So, please encourage me by your comments and shares. Please spread our positivity all around. See you soon.

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