Friday, 2 February 2018

Why we get hurt.

Whenever anyone say something about us, it affects us. If the thing is good we feel better and if it is bad, we get hurt. Most of the times people say bad things and we get hurt, and other way around we only worry about the bad things said about us and want people to say good things only. But do you want to know that why we get hurt?

The reason is our nature that we want to listen good things about us while we focus on bad things only. Even if we focus on bad things we don't look into the reality of anyone's allegations. This makes us vulnerable. And our vulnerability is the only reason that we get hurt.

How can we stop this?

Well, we are not here to please any one neither are others here to always be happy with us. So, first of all stop seeking certificates from everyone to approve your personality.

Just have faith in yourself. But at the same time introspect time to time. If you are not here to please everyone then you are not here to hurt either. So, don't do anything with anyone which you don't like for yourself. Everything else will automatically be fine.

And finally, when you are very conscious about people saying bad things about you, you should look, if they are true. If they are then you should take note of them and work to refine your personality.

I hope you like my suggestions. Please take care of yourself and don't worry too much. Life is too short. Be happy and keep searching your consciousness. The more you conscious or aware, more life you will feel inside you.

Have a nice day and nice life.

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