Thursday, 24 July 2014

Do your Habits complements your Goals????

What we want, is in our control. But what we will get, can not always be in our control. Why? Because most of the time we only wish to get something or to achieve something. But our actions are contrary.

There is a difference between wishing for something and wanting something. When we wish for anything there is no force in it. We just see something and start to wish to get that. But when we want then there is some force in it. We are willing to work for that and make necessary changes in our lifestyle. If you are only wishing then you can not get that. Whatever type of life we are living is depend on the type of habits or lifestyle we have developed for ourselves. To bring any kind of change in your life you have to make changes in your habits.
Thinking about changing the life without changing habits is nothing but fooling oneself. I have experienced this for all my life. Whenever I would want any thing which I did not have at that moment I had to make changes in my habits accordingly.

So, If you have plan for something big, take a look on your habits. It should be a part of your planning to achieve your goals. If your habits are not according to your goal then make provision for amending them accordingly to accelerate the process..

When we see a successful person we only see the result. We don't see that what he has done to get that success. Normal people only wish to be like him. But, those who really want to be like them they try to know their life style, habits and things which they do differently from the others.

This one quote which I heard in Ted talk is relevant here.


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