Saturday, 22 April 2017

Reading and Learning

FACT: Reading and learning new things make us smart and keeps us young.

I have read in several books and articles that reading and learning new things keeps our mind young and makes us smart. So, if you are not a voracious reader then you must promise yourself that you will inculcate this habit. Get rid of excuse that I don't have time. Everyone has time for good things and but be waste that time on unproductive activities.

If you read about the most successful people you will know that they all are great readers. They invest plenty of time on reading and learning new things on daily basis. In olden time only a few those who were in the profession of studying/learning and teaching have means for studying great books and subjects and they were considered smart.They were respected in the society. While in current scenario we all have information and knowledge floating all around us. We also have means to get and capture that knowledge and our comfort.

It is a proven fact that you will be smarter "if you read something" than "you read and learn nothing". But if your source of knowledge is good and authentic then you will be smarter. In today's world when everyone has availability of books on every topic and electronic media to reach the source anywhere and anytime, there the quality and how much time you spent on productive things will decide your mental wellbeing. Who will study more and learn more will we smarter and successful.

But some wise man has said that "It is not about what you know, but it is about what you do consistently". Means, we need to apply our knowledge in order to be successful. If we read we will be smart but without the application of our smartness we can not accomplish. 

Without knowledge, the action may result in the waste of time and efforts and Without action, knowledge will fetch nothing. So, I wish you all a happy learning. Be smart and be successful.
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Tuesday, 11 April 2017


Success is not about having loads of money, great career. Success is not about pleasing others or gaining praise from others. Success is also not having unlimited power.

Success is understanding that what you want and achieving that. It doesn't matter whether your achievements are big or small. Whether others are praising or not. If those achievements can bring satisfaction to you then you are successful. you don't need anybody's certification.

All you need to listen to your conscience consciously. Because you must have seen people with big achievements with a sad face. You must have also seen a poor laborer with a smiling face after getting a reward at the end of the day.

Don't run behind the goal set by others for you. You can not fulfill their expectation, you just need to pursue what is going to make you happy. Others can feel happy by earning a huge package while their parents are struggling at home with their old age, but there are chances that you can be happy only if you are serving your parents in the time when they need you. 

I am not saying that others are wrong. Big money and living in a big city is their goal. They are doing what they want. But you don't need to go to what the world think is right. Go with your reason. 

So, Just in case, after all the endeavor, you are not feeling life in you. Just sit for a while and INTROSPECT. Then, march towards your very personal journey. you will smile for sure.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Winter and the tree

I took this pic during winter. Though this tree doesn't have any leaf still it was looking so beautiful.
It looks like that it is looking in the sky spreading its arm and wanted to accumulate all the energy of the universe, (as we all do sometimes) to cope up with the winter.


Monday, 3 April 2017

Neighbour and Relative issue.

Question: What's the way to neutralise the annoying and negative neighbours and relatives? Nothing can make them happy and always criticise every action whether it concerns them or not.

Answer: Negativity affects you only if you are at same frequency. Said by some wise man. So first thing is to change your frequency.

Second thing is that have mercy on these low life. Let them live. The only person criticise others when he has nothing good to do in his life. So they find meaning for living by criticising you. They are totally asleep, unaware of the repercussion of this.

Just practice to ignore them. My way to tackle them is that I don't hear them and I don't listen them. Just forgive them. And forgiving them not for them but for your own benefit.

If you have grudges in your mind it will eat your mind and time. So just have mercy and let them live. Make way for your peaceful life. Don't let anybody drag you back its in your own hand.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Happy forever..

Yes. The Line is very catchy, and it is easy and very much possible. Many people won't agree with me, many will think that I will talk about meditation technique or some will say that it is not possible.
Though I said above that it is easy and very much possible but now I will say that it is provided you practice. In the beginning, it is difficult but in few days you will be in paradise where there is nothing like boredom or purposelessness.

But how?

To achieve this I will ask you think about a small kid. Have you every seen a kid who is bored or purposeless? In a normal family where kids are given the attention which is necessary you will see a kid is always busy and never bored. So everyone would like to be like a kid that even if he/she doesn't have anything great to do he/she always fresh and does not feel bored or purposeless. So I will tell you what I observe watching is kid.

1. Kids always CURIOUS. but you will say that kids are curious because everything is new for them, how can a grown man be like this? I will say that it is the limitation of your thoughts that you can not find anything new to learn. Can you confidently say that you know everything? I think the answer is "no". So to make this-this EASY for you I will re-phrase this task.
You always have few things in your mind which you want to learn or you want to know about but you cannot work on them because of your busy life. So, whenever, by luck, you a find yourself bore or have nothing to do you can use this time to work on your these interest and you will feel that time has flown in a blink of an eye.

2. Kids keep them in a moment. This keeps them fresh. The Past or Future dwelling may be amusing but this comes with some desire to be in those moments again or if you think about future then you want to be there fast. But being in a moment does not get you in any desires.

3. Kids DON'T JUDGE PEOPLE. They know who are their family and who are strangers. But they don't judge all the time. If you smile they will smile back or If you don't give a positive look they don't give a damn to you. This third quality is to avoid the negative thoughts. If you are judging people and care about unnecessary people, they come and capture your mind when you have free time and you can not focus on above two things.  

People can give you a list but I think these are three basic and simple things which are necessary to be happy and engaged and to not feel bored.
Obviously, this requires some practice. After some time other things won't matter at all. In the beginning it difficult because mind feeds on negative thoughts. I don't know why our mind like to gather all the things which make us feel miserable. But little practice can help us a lot.

All the best. Be happy forever.

OM Namha Shivay.

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