Tuesday, 30 May 2017

A poem from My Friend.

This poem is written by my friend. He asked me to share it on my blog so here it is..

Rhythm of my pain is out of tune,
Perhaps the strings of my feeling are
There was no pain and feelings had a
After I reached the acme of my life
Her footsteps were missing.

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Thursday, 25 May 2017


"Priority" a thing that is regarded as more important than others.

We all know the dictionary meaning of this word. But to stand with the successful people we are required to set our priorities very seriously. We all know and have set our priorities already. Still we don't smell the success. Why? Because we are not honest with our self and our set goals.

When we have a priority then no other thing should come in our way. We can never compromise on our priorities. We must give the required efforts in a thing or work which is more important than others, only after that we can move on other things. This must be the rule.

When we break this rule we are minimising our chances, and slowing down our speed to get what we need. When we do this more often it becomes a habit. More bad habits we develop more we prepare ourselves to get in conditions we don't want.

When we work hard on our priorities. We deserve success. When be start avoiding priorities for momentary pleasure or be lost battle against procrastination be loose that deserving title, we become needy from deserving, and when we keep repeating this we become a failure.

So, today is the day to wake up. Set your priorities and respect them, love them and be a unstoppable force.

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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Time, Is it the most valuable thing?

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Often you have listened people saying that time is most precious thing. Time is most valuable thing. But it always confuses me. Because if it was true then everyone would save time and no body will waste it. While we have seen that most of the people will spent hours to save some money, or on things which will yield nothing.
Yes, its true that most successful people always respect time. They never waste their time on useless activities, they only invest their time in useful activities. But we see that nobody is as conscious about it as they would be about money. (It doesn't make money the most precious thing. That is totally a different topic.)
So, I realised that actually time is not a subject. It is not a commodity to be valued as valuable or non valuable. It is actually a FACTOR which makes things valuable or non valuable. For example if at some point of time you are extremely thirsty and you see no sign of water around you. Then somebody appears with a glass of water and he demands $100 for that glass of water. You are feeling that without that water you will die then at that time you will pay $100. And at another point of time if you are perfectly hydrated and you also have a spare bottle of water with you. If at that time somebody offers that glass of water even for free you won't accept that. So when the time factor was not in your favour that glass of water was pretty valuable and another point  of time when the time factor was in your favour that glass of water had no value at that time.
So, Rich people respect time, that is why the time factor is always on their side. And when we don't respect time factor, we have to play a handicapped match.
Hence, even if the time is not a commodity to buy, sale or save. It is a important factor to gain an advantage in any situation. That is why we should always respect the time factor. We should always make provisions for time factor so that we always has advantage of time.
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Friday, 19 May 2017

Past vs Present.

Today you are not happy, because yesterday I was not with you. While we can laugh and enjoy the moment, we are arguing on why I was not there at some time in the past.
It is like you are not enjoying a great meal now because you were hungry some day.
In the same way when you have issues today and you need to resolve them now you are basking in glory of your glorious past. If you are focusing on this moment you can resolve your issues. And your happiness is nowhere to go.
Life don't progress in this way, In this way you only create misery when you can laugh dance and be intoxicated in the elixir of bliss.
So, let the past go. But always keep the lesson.
Some wise man rightly said-
Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is mystery 
Today is a gift
That's why
We call is present.

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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

"Procrastination", Most expensive luxury.

There are many rich people in the world, and few among them are the richest. They have every luxury of the world except one. And that luxury is "PROCRASTINATION". Yes, procrastination is luxury and the richest don't have it. Because, had they been so lazy to enjoy procrastination they have not attained the title of the richest.
The good thing about the procrastination is that the poorest can enjoy it. And the worst thing is that IF YOU ARE ENJOYING THIS THEN SOON YOU BECOME POOR OR IT CAN MAKE YOU WORTHLESS. Chances are that you are already living a life which you don't like. But you are clinging to it because some how you are enjoying this.
So the point is that how can we get rid of this. It is difficult to throw any kind of luxury, but if it taxing your life and future and your ability to do better in life then it is the wisest thing to do. So, to get rid of this luxury we simply need to consider few things.
1. ACKNOWLEDGE. Most of the people don't want to accept it. But to solve any problem you first need to recognize the problem. Then only you can work upon that.
2. Don't procrastinate when you want to get rid of it. Yes, the most important thing is that if you want to get rid of procrastination then don't procrastinate to take the steps.
3. Strengthen your will. We procrastinate because we lack will to execute our plans. We lack will to act. Our will depreciate over the time when we keep indulging in habits which are not good for us. So generally we can't have unshakeable will out of sudden to jump start. Start with small things, be regular with them and then increase the intensity slowly. And when you are on track take big steps.
4. Don't reiterate old habits. When you are completely on track then don't fall for your old habits again. You can't not spoil all your efforts.
5. Awareness is the key. This is very important. Always be vigilante about your actions. Be conscious. If you are aware you can't have bad habits. We fall for bad habits when we fall for momentary pleasure. And then we keep reiterating those things being unaware.
6. Be spiritual love life around you. This is the last thing but most important. To keep a healthy and happy mind we must we sensitive towards the life around us. Whether its a dog, cat or it is just a flower. Just love the life in them. Connect with them. Soon you will realize change.
So friend this procrastination seems very intoxicating but actually it's just a mirage. It is luxury of worthless people. As long as we are clinging to it, we can not live a life which we can live otherwise.
This luxury is most expensive because for other luxuries we lost money but for this we lost life.
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Monday, 15 May 2017

Escape velocity, Gravity and Motivation..

If you are working hard for your success, or to stand out of the crowd. But you are disappointed by the backchat and stupid behaviour of people around you. Then you should take your inspiration from the ROCKET. Yes the rocket. Why?
Because, to reach its destination and to stand out of other vehicle it requires escape velocity. To get that it constantly push itself up. It don't fall for the gravity. And finally it reaches its destination. Not every vehicle reaches in the space.
So, if you want to stand out, if you want to change the way people look at you. You can not fall for gravity. All these back chats, all cursing and efforts to hurt you, by the people around you, work as gravity for you. But you need to constantly push yourself up.
Sometime your own attitude works as gravity. You limit your thinking. You doubt yourself. This is because you have been listening to these people, who drag you down, for a very long period. You know somewhere in your heart that you are here to do something bigger. But you say yourself that you are not ready yet. First I will prepare myself then I will start my journey.
But believe me my friend. You will never be ready. But you are always ready to take one step further from where you are right now. And this one step every day will take you close to your destination, to your destiny.
So, boot up and suit up. Step ahead. And share my post and comment what you think. Give me your support. Wish you all the very best.

Friday, 12 May 2017

How many e-mail accounts we should keep?

This post is important for those who use just one e-mail account for all purposes. Yes, they are justified, because we get so many emails everyday that it is very difficult to maintain more than one  e-mail account. SPAM is another issue.
Still I will ask you to keep at least 3 e-mail accounts. You will ask me, why? And your question is valid. So here is the answer.

1. These days most of the people use Android base smart phones. To login you need to have a gmail account. So have this e-mail account for your android sign up and you can also use this e-mail id for general communication.

2. The second e-mail account for banking and other financial services, e.g. demat account. YOU WILL ASK, WHY A SEPARATE ACCOUNT FOR BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES?
I am asking you to maintain a separate account because if anybody knows your e-mail then it become easier to reset a new password of your account with other information which otherwise is difficult if he doesn't know your email address. So not only keep a separate e-mail but also keep it secret. If you do this your banking access will always be more secure.

3. The third e-mail is for social networking. And the reason is same. There are many people who want to access your social networking account. Even your naughty friend will gain access if he gets your password. And this secret e-mail will certainly add another level of security.
So keep these two e-mail accounts separate and secret. Add more security to your information.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The existence/nature is not biased.

Stop whining, complaining and staying in the comfort zone. Come out of it and start working.
Anyone can be biased against you but this nature/existence. It gives us everything. We can extract or gather what ever we need to become what we want. This nature gives us all the opportunity with the assurance that our efforts won't be lost. They will give results for sure. But if we are so habitual to live in the dark, and we won't do anything which doesn't suits us. Then we will reach nowhere.
This attitude has not done anything good till now. Neither it will be beneficial in future. If you really want some change then first thing is to avoid this habit of enjoying the rut.
Yes, If you are not doing anything to come out of your rut then somewhere you are enjoying it.
You have no right to blame anyone else but yourself. So you better come out of your comfort zone, and act.
Wish you all the best.

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